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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love to write!
I hate Algebra and spiders
I am socially awkward
Words cannot express how much I want an Irish Cob
Rarity is the coolest Pony EVER.
  • Mood: Worried
  • Playing: The game. Which you just lost
  • Eating: Your Soul
- Available: Single and ready to mingle. Awwwyeaaaah.
- Age: 16
- Annoyance: Ignorance
- Allergic: penicillin 
- Animal: Giraffes or Bunnies :)
- Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Padalecki

- Beer: Gross.
- Birthday/Birthplace: May 16, Nebraska
- Best Friends: Lisa, Lizzie, Frances
- Body: Smiles, eyes, and butts.
- Best feeling in the world: Riding on a horse, or understanding how to do math.
- Blind or Deaf: I really can't answer this. It's impossible!
- Best weather: 70ish degree sunny weather without humidity
- Been in Love: I dont think so
- Been –beep- out?: Proobably not?
- Been on stage?: Yess
- Believe in yourself?: Of course!
- Believe in life on other planets: Sure, why not?
- Believe in miracles: Yes!
- Believe in Magic: Yes!
- Believe in God: Yes!
- Believe in Satan: Yes
- Believe in Santa: :(
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Sometimes... 
- Believe in Evolution: In a way, adaption and natural selection.

- Car: Convertable or Pickup truck
- Candy: Anything fruity!
- Color: Lilac, pink
- Cried in school: We're not going to talk about it.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate!
- Chinese/Mexican: Chinese ftw
- Cake or pie: must one choose? Can't cake and PIe live in harmony together?
- Countries to visit: visit ALL the countries!
- Day or Night: dayttime
- Dream vehicle: Pickup truck or convertable!
- Danced: Erryday.
- Dance in the rain: All the time.
- Dance in the middle of the street: Erryday.
- Do the splits: yes :) (Smile)

- Eggs: over easy
- Eyes: green with some gray-blue, hazel, and brown hidden throughout there.
- Everyone has: a loving Heavenly Father
- Ever failed a class: Nope 

- First crush: Craig. 2nd grade.
- Full name: Whats Zit Tooyah
- First thoughts waking up: fuck.
- Food: Chinese

- Greatest Fear: The dark.
- Giver or taker: A little bit of both
- Goals: Live life to the fullest
- Gum: fruit or cinnamon
- Get along with your parents?: Yes
- Good luck charms: Saint Benedict Medal? Not really a good luck charm...

- Hair colour: Bottle ginger
- Height: 5'3
- Happy: Erryday
- How do you want to die: Peacefully... 
- Health freak?: Nah, son
- Hate: A lot of things... :)

(In boys)
- Eye colour: nothing specific 
- Hair Colour: Nothing specific
- Height: TALL! <3
- Clothing Style: I couldn't care less...
- Characatristics: Humorous and kind

- Ice Cream: ALL OF THEM!
- Instrument: Jewish Harp. Yup.

- Jewelry: a lot :D (Big Grin) and yet not enough..
- Job: I am a dictator of my country, Cherry Jubilee

- Kids: *crosses fingers* I'm hoping for 8
- Kick-boxing or karate: Karate
- Keep a journal: Nah, son

- Longest Car Ride: 10 hours to Canada
- Love: Ain't nobody got time for that.
- Letter: I like H... I dont know why.
- Laughed so hard that you cried: so many times... 
- Love at first sight: Yes!

- Milk flavour: plain :P (Lick)
- Movie: Breakfast Club
- Mooned anyone: Nah, son.
- Marriage: hopefully someday :D (Big Grin)
- Motion Sickness: nope!
- McD's or BK: Macado!

- Number of Siblings: 3 (one whole and 2 half)
- Number of Piercings: 2... 1 on each ear
- Number: 24

- Overused Phrases: Swag.. but I say it :(
- One wish: end all suffering in the world
- One phobia: SPIDERS.

- Place you'd like to live: out West :D (Big Grin)
- Pepsi/Coke: Coke.

- Quail: pretty awesome!
- Questionnaires: suck.
- Quote: Always keep yours hopes up. Or down. Whereever you prefer, just have home somewhere.

- Reason to cry: life is too short to worry about tears
- Reality T.V: makes me roll my eyes and puke
- Radio Station: 94.1
- Roll your tongue in a circle: ok! I can even do a clover :D (Big Grin)

- Song: All Christian Rock...
- Shoe size: 8
- Sushi: california rolls
- Skipped school: on my bucket list!
- Slept outside: yes, I have :D (Big Grin)
- Seen a dead body: at a funeral..
- Smoked: above the influence!
- Skinny dipped: nah, son.
- Shower daily: once every-other day
- Sing well: nah, son.
- In the shower: loud and proud! I usually belt out broadway!
- Swear: Yeah, son
- Stuffed Animals: Senior, Oscar, Pheobe, Booker
- Single/Group dates: both are great... But maybe single if I had to choose
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries 100% x 10
- Scientists need to invent: two words: poke and mon. Pokefreakingmon!

- Time for bed: whenever I feel like it :P (Lick)
- Thunderstorms: are ok...
- Touch your tongue to your nose: lol k

- Unpredictable: erm, kindof?
- Understanding: I try to be
- Under the influence: above and beyond!

- Vegetable you hate: beans in general...
- Vegetable you love: lettuce!
- Vacation spot: ANYWHERE!

- Weaknesses: Men!
- When you grow up: I wanna be a stay-at-home mother
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: It depends on the environment...
- Who makes you laugh the most: All of them
- Worst feeling: being ignored
- Wanted to be a model: hellyeah, son.
- Where do we go when we die: Heaven or hell
- Worst weather: hot and humid 
- Walk with a book on your head: I can walk with two!

- X-Rays: ankle when I thought it was broken :/

-Year it is now: 2013
-Yellow: pretty color that compliments my hair color :D (Big Grin)

- Zoo animal:  Grifyaccfee
- Zodiac sign: Taurus

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